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Nice site to visit - Scott music videos
If you enjoy watching Scott Bakula movies go ahead and visit this website: . You can find there many excellent music videos featuring Scott. Great work Chris and thanks for your SBE 8th anniversary comp. entry!. Cheers! and good luck ! Ralph :)
09 Aug 2006 by Ralph

5th Annual OFFICIAL STAR TREK CONVENTION with Scott Bakula
"Bakula will take the stage on Sunday, August 20, at the Las Vegas Hilton. He will also sign autographs and do photo ops with fans (separate tickets required). The specific schedule will be posted on the Creation site closer to the event. Autographs and photo ops with Bakula, as with all the celebrities, are limited and Creation anticipates a sell-out situation." More info here : on this site
23 Jul 2006 by Ralph

Scott Bakula Entertainment 8th Anniversary Competition
Hello Everyone !
As our 8th Anniversary approaches I've decided to start a competion. You can win brand new & sealed "Life as a House" DVD , where Scott plays "Officer Kurt Walker". All you have to do is to make: Scott Bakula wallpaper,calendar,music video or any other gadget you can download from the internet. All entries will be featured on the site and then you(visitors) will vote for the best one. The one with highest vote will receive the DVD. All entries must be original work ("Scott Bakula Entertainment 8th Anniversary Competition" must be included somewhere in your work). Please send your entry to my email address. I'm waiting for your work until August 31st 2006. All entries will be published on the site in september when all visitors will be able to vote.On October 1st I will announce the winner. Please include the following info with your entry:
- Full Name
- email address
- Country you're from
- Your age (you must be over 15 to enter)

I will contact winner for shipping address after competition ends.
Please notice that DVD is Region 2 ( with english,hungarian & czech DD5.1 soundtrack and subtitles in english,polish,hungarian,czech and romanian). Make sure your DVD player is Region free or plays Region 2 DVD's.

Good Luck
I'm waiting for your work !
16 Jul 2006 by Ralph

Support my/our site ...
Running a popular website is an expensive thing to do. Since 1998 Scott Bakula Entertainment is spreading the word with all Scott related stories , photos and other stuff. I would like to kindly ask you , loyal visitors to support my/your website. I have opened and teamed up with to give you the best online offers. Please spread the word about All items bought thru our shop are 100% secure and are made thru All we get is a small percentage of each purchase made by you! It wont cost you anything extra. If you have a website please post a link to .. Thanks ! Kind Regards ,Ralph
10 Jun 2006 by Ralph

SHENANDOAH - photo gallery at Pippa's webpage
At BakuLand - a website dedicated to Scott created by Pippa you can find many pictures from 'SHENANDOAH' at Ford's theatre... enjoy! click here
04 Jun 2006 by Ralph

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